The misplaced notion of honour killing

A new wave of honour killing has surfaced in Pakistan. Cases are now being reported on a daily basis. In the last week alone, on average 6 to 7 cases of honour killing were reported, in which 9 people were killed including 2 men and 2 minor girls. What adds salt to the wounds is the fact that all these killings were based on mere suspicion.
Some attribute the increase of such incidents as a result of communication boom. As now with smart phones the social networking sites are accessible to a large segment of the population both in urban and rural areas. As a result of this opposite sexes can now freely interact in the virtual domain in a primarily conservative society.
Although honour killings is a global phenomena, but in Pakistan the frequency of such incidents is very high. Every year hundreds of women lose their lives and many cases are often never reported. The accusations not merely include pre-marital sex or adultery but also such trivial matters objection on the victim’s right to work, stands up to defy local norms or (dare I say!) the unforgivable sin of choosing her life partner.
However, it seems that the notion of hounor only pertains to women as there has rarely been a case where a male member of the society has been murdered for ghairat (i.e. honour) by a wife, daughter or sister.
The role of jirga system also needs to be introspected because in many parts of the country they serve as a parallel judicial system often defying laws and legitimizing honour killings.
In 2016, after the killing of social media icon, Qadeel Baloch, the government reinforced honour killing laws and revoked the pardon clause, which often allowed the family of the killer to pardon the murderer.
To eradicate this curse, the parents must keep an eye on their children’s activities (both sons and daughters) and build an environment where children can discuss any matter without fear. For disciplining minors we need to explore non-violent methods.
Lastly, the government needs to ensure that the laws are not just passed but are also implemented in letter and spirit and those who commit these horrifying crimes are duly punished by the courts.
Remember! While a murderer may escape from procedural laws but eventually s/he will have to answer for this grave sin in the hereafter.


Symbosis relationship of media with the rulers

Media’s thories are different from media’s practices. It’s main focus is to fulfill the interest of rulers and it’s policies are entirely based on how to multiply the profit

This negative role of media is discussed with the theory, in Al-jazeera website, article named”Media theorised”. Below analysis is based on the only one part of the article.

A writer Noam Chomsky and Edward Herman criticised the practices of media, in their work named “Manufacturing consent” which means “making only those products which are sold in market”.
To demonstrate media’s theory, the article started with video, which expose the media’s practical performance. It shows that media’s most important tool is propaganda. Media knows the methodes of manipulation and the forces know how to use media for acquiring their interest. Media functions through five filters. Media ownership, advertising money, media blide, media flake, the common enemy.

A Kashmiri journalist Uzma falak further explains how “manufacturing consent” is applicable to kashmir’s media.

Media performs a role of creating a bridge between the ruler or millitary and the public. The native public rely on the media to get information, education and entertainment. So this class is vulnerable to media’s content, so it is easy for media to form the opinion. Hence, it is aimed that media should be unbaised, neutral and should deliver all the aspects of stories, provide all the sides and angles, and should leave it on people to have an opinion from the given information.

Appearently, media affirms that it checks the political power, reforms the public, serves the public, get them engage in political powers. But practically, it portray a biased story, inclined towards a particular dominant and powerful group.

In this article, authors perfectly compared the empire/ruler with a factory and media with machine, said “The wall of the empire is made by the media’s content and media has a power to designed the wall with the bricks of diversified angle“. In media these bricks are in the shapes of images and sounds, with the use of these bricks, media creates desired stories, and the empire would judge by these stories. Generally media produces stories which are indulgence of an empire, for their personal (money making) interest. Their is no brake on media’s debased activities, new journalists come and become  a part of this same corrupt media politics.

Uzma Falak critically apply these media’s behaviours with the media of kashmir. In Kashmir, the empire is millitary forces, so here media’s activities are in the hand of millitary. The millitary forces consider media itself a force which could multiply their pseudo heroism infront of public. The media do not report, what is actually happening in the media, how people lose their lives and how millitary brutally treat the kashmiris, but only shows how millitary forces fight with the enthusiastic riots and terrorists.

She said, “The war of Kashmir was not only between the states but it seems that  media took battle as it own“. This is so true, by going through media’s report regarding kashmir, it seems that, one war is on going on kashmir and other one is on media. Indian media uses the words and phrases, which declare kashmiris as terriorists and millitary forces as heroes. For making sound opinion about millitary, media also does scripted programs. For justifying her statements she gave statements of Indian journalists and analysts.

If any journalist, channel, or newspaper took any step against millitary, got banned. And the social media which is considered as a voice of common man was also blocked in order to maintain the millitary’s reputation and conceal their cruelty.

The dirty symbosis relation of the millitary with the media is enlightened, when girl who was in favour of kashmir army, but after watching a film “Till Then the road carry her… and Iffat Fatima blood leaves” she changed her perception and acknowledged that, she never saw that side of story before, in any local media.

Therefore, it is said that the media is somehow compelled for running it’s business. It would only perform the duty, which accommodates of government, cooperation, big institutions or any titan. This is not only practice in US or India, but media operates in the similar manner all over the world. 

Now it is up to us(general public), to think atleast a once whatever media delineates and try to find the other sides too. The decision is in our hand, do we want to put ourselves in unimportant position or show our power by resistance?

Accept your truth.

​Accepting your truth, is the easiest thing, which you can do for your satisfaction and happy life. This can create a sense of fearlessness and boldness in your personality and boost confidence.

If someone ask something to you, if you dont know then simply say, “i dont know”. It is better than missguiding anyone.
If someone hurt you, then make him realize, fight with him, it is better than keeping silent and behaving alright.
If you do stupid mistakes, then accept it, it is better than blaming others.
If you are suffering, then share it with your family and friends, it is better than dealing with it alone.
If you have not watched a movie, listen a song or read a novel yet, then acknowledge it, it is better than guessing it wrongly.
If you dont like to watch movie in cinemas, then dont go for your friends, it is better than wasting your money.
if you effortly eat pizza with fork and knife, then use your hands, it is better than behaving foolish.
if you dont know the meaning of any vocab, then ask, it is better than understanding it wrongly
If  you love listening old sad songs, then enjoy it, it is better than listening noisy drums.
If you doing a job you are not good at, than stop doing that, it is better than spoiling your skills.
Make your life easy and cheerful by accepting bitter truth of your life, it is better than living in a illusionist world.

The university life

​Experiencing university life is a dream for everyone. After completing intermiate, students are very exicited about the university life, because this period gives them more freedom. Some students go for studing, some for enjoyment and some for the both. They cannot wait for their university life.

This excitement is because of the movies and dramas, which picturing the life, entirely different from reality. And after watching this we fantasize our life would also be like them. ​

​In starting days, students are very enthusiastic and junkie, wear new clothes and shoes, take selfies, behave so friendly and helpful, try to have an impression on others.​
​But in few months, they find terrible experience, their dreams shattered, and all plans prove to be an illusion, when they come to know that the university life is full of insult, torture, offense, tiredness, exhausted, fake people. It takes an year to realize them where arr they? What are they doing? Where would they go? What would be their future? Uncertainty about everything. Now their only motive to pass 4year anyhow. So that, they would not have to see this haunted place again.​

Vacations, semester break, no class for today, teacher is absent, group bunk are become a real happiness.​

Whenever I see newcomers, who are excited and thrilled about their university life. I only say, “May hope be with you”

Seek for the right one not perfect

​​Everyone is seeking for a perfect and ideal life, job, partner. And they are never be satisfied with their present life, they always strive for the more and more. In the game of this perfectionism and greediness, they end up with nothing.​​

Many girls want spouse who is rich,tall,handsome,funny, young, attractive and famous (for heaven sake, he is not an angel). In the search of that guy, they reject many good proposals. In the end, what happens to them.​This is so true, i have seen many girls who are unwilling to compromise on this issue and become old and old.

A girl i talked was like “I only marry to a guy who has all these qualities, my friend also got marry to a man like him and i am much prettier than her, so i deserve more better”
I was like What?

you will get marry to a man who has all these qualities, even he is a jerk?? Who treats you and others badly?

God makes our fate different, there is no point of comparision, it is not neccessary that you also have the same life story like her. 

perfect people are not real, real people are not perfect. Physical appearance would be faded soon, standard of living has a constant mobility. The things always stay are his good deeds,  education and nature.Always seek for a man who will focus on you, appreciate you, understand you, listen to you, care you. Then you would be satisfied and pleased and have a happy married life. ​But always remember no one is perfect, are you?​